Urban Construction

Guangming District, located in the north of Shenzhen, covers a total area of 156.1 square kilometers with a population of 1.38 million. The district shares the border with the city of Dongguan, while connecting with Guanlan, Songgang, and Shiyan to its east, west, and south. With six subdistricts, including Guangming, Gongming, Xinhu, Fenghuang, Yutang, and Matian, Guangming District manages 31 local communities.

Geographical Background

Guangming District is located in the north of Shenzhen, Guangdong, and has a sub-tropical climate with an average temperature of 23oC. With an abundance of natural resources, Guangming is surrounded by mountains, rivers, forests, and lakes. The district also enjoys a high green coverage ratio with 53.6 percent of its land designed as Ecological Protection Area.

Economic Achievements

In 2019, the regional GDP of Guangming District exceeded 100 billion yuan, up 8 percent from the previous year. The tax revenue reached 14.1 billion yuan. The general public budget revenue was 5.86 billion yuan, up 11.3 percent. The added value of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 5.9 percent to reach 57 billion yuan. The total fixed assets investment increased by 29 percent. The total consumer goods retail sales increased by 7 percent. The total import and export volume increased to 44.13 billion yuan.

The district builds a "3+1" industrial system with intelligent industry, new materials industry and life science industry as its leading industries and characteristic service industry as a supporting industry. It has introduced the "1+4+N" industrial policy to lead the reshaping of the district's industrial pattern.

The number of the district's industrial enterprises above designated size and national high-tech enterprises both exceeded 1,000.

A number of key enterprises such as DJI, Lenovo, and Winhome Technology have been introduced to the district. Currently, there are five enterprises with an annual output value of over 10 billion yuan and 21 local listed companies.

Ecological Resources

Guangming District enjoys an abundance of ecological resources, including mountains, rivers, forests, farming fields, lakes and other landscapes. It is one of the showcase Eco cities, where six national initiatives, such as Sponge City Program, Green Construction Project, and Modern Urbanization Program, are implemented. With abundant natural resources, the district has established a number of ecological nodes, namely public parks, wetland parks, local reservoirs, and farming fields. Also, the mainstream and tributaries of Maozhou River, together with the urban green trails, are planned as major ecological corridors, while the eastern and northern forests are protected as ecological protection areas.


The development of education has reached a new stage. Four new public kindergartens were built, and four new public subsidized kindergartens were added, with the sum of public kindergartens and public subsidized kindergartens accounting for 87.7 percent of the total. Five primary and middle schools were newly renovated and expanded, and 9,540 public primary and middle school seats were added, with the supply rate of public primary one and junior high one school seats reaching 78 percent and 100 percent respectively.

Guangming District has made great efforts to introduce the resources of famous basic education schools. Shenzhen Experimental School-Guangming Campus was opened, providing education service from kindergarten to high school. Educational Science Research Institute of Shenzhen set a branch institute in Guangming. The construction of the affiliated primary school of Educational Science Research Institute of Shenzhen and the Guangming Xinghe Primary School affiliated to South China Normal University is in full swing.

Health Care

Residents of Guangming District enjoy high-level public healthcare services and medical facilities. The most professional general hospital in South China, Sun Yat-sen No. 7 Hospital, became the national pilot hospital for aeromedical emergencies, with medical rescue reaching all districts in Shenzhen within 30 minutes.

The main construction of Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Guangming is accelerated. Also, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Hospital, is being upgraded to a Grade-A Tertiary hospital. The district's maternal and child care service center has been put into use.

Public Facilities

The main construction of Guangming Culture and Arts Center has been finished. Shenzhen International Youth Football Exchange Center started construction. Shenzhen Canoeing Sports Base was signed to settle in Guangming.

The construction of cultural and sports facilities such as the Shangcun Culture and Sports Center was accelerated. A total of 27,900 square meters of new cultural facilities were added, ranking first in the city. The China International New Media Short Film Festival settled in Guangming permanently, with 5,008 short films from 122 countries and regions participating in the festival. The OCT Guangming Town International Half Marathon was held. The ITF Shenzhen International Seniors Circuit was upgraded to a first-class tournament, attracting players from 27 countries and regions.

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