Source: Guangming Government Online

Updated: 2019-10-11

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Hospital (Guangming) 中国科学院大学深圳医院(光明)

The University of Chinese Academy of Science Shenzhen Hospital (Guangming) was established on April 16, 2018, consisting of the previous 60-year-old Guangming New Area People’s Hospital, Guangming New Area Central Hospital and 38 community health centers.

The hospital has 1,600 beds, ten medical centers and 24 clinical technical departments with 3,193 staffers. Seven departments, namely, the otolaryngology-head and neck surgery department, gastroenterology department, gynecology department, obstetrics department, cardiovascular medicine department, cardiothoracic surgery department and respiratory medicine department, are key medical departments of Guangming District. Medical teams from key talent projects at the municipal level have also been introduced to the hospital. It also has cutting-edge medical equipment featuring digital subtraction angiography (DSA) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

The hospital is expected to be built into a comprehensive medical entity with 3,000 beds, four branches, 60 community service centers, one clinical medical academy and more in 2020.

Drawing upon the prestigious faculties and rich research resources of the University of Chinese Academy of Science, the hospital is forging a development mode that combines science, education and medical practice. It aims to introduce and implement the achievements gained by the university in research and development to clinical practice at the hospital.

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