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Temple fair in Guangming District

Bao'an Daily


The sixth folk culture temple fair of the Guangming District Cultural Center was held at the center's square Feb. 24, the Lantern Festival, bringing a wonderful and fun festival vibe to the citizens.

Watching performances, enjoying food, playing games, and solving lantern riddles, citizens had a great time at this cultural feast.

Traditional dragon and lion dances, moving to the beat of the drums and gongs, brought good luck wishes and joy. Visitors immersed themselves in programs such as the stilt-walking performance, fish lantern parade, and hanfu parade.

At the fair, visitors also got the opportunity to taste traditional food from around the world, with Guangming's local specialties as must-try food. Countless diners were attracted to lai fen, Taiqing desserts, and various flavors of Lingnan traditional cuisine, a feast for the senses. 

In addition, various traditional handicraft products such as paper cutting, dough figurines, rope braiding, and others were on display at the fair.

A total of 20 temple fair booths provided visitors the chance to make lanterns and sugar paintings, enjoy shadow puppetry, and experience hot iron painting art.

What's the point of Lantern Festival without lantern riddles? This year's lantern riddle corridor is more than twice as long as last year, with 300 lantern riddles hanging to allow everyone to enjoy solving them and create a traditional festival atmosphere.

The cultural center's exhibition hall also welcomed many visitors, where a group of children gathered to learn how to make Chinese New Year paintings.


Traditional handicrafts on display.

nianhua a.jpg

Kids learn how to make Chinese New Year paintings.


A hanfu parade.


A lantern show.


A dragon dance at the temple fair.

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