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Chinese Rose Show enchants visitors

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The city of Shenzhen has blossomed into a lively mosaic of hues, extending a warm welcome to flower lovers attending the 2024 Shenzhen Rose Show.

The exhibition featuring Chinese roses commenced March 8 and lasts through March 17. It is arranged with a principal location at Shenzhen Renmin Park in Luohu District and subvenues at Honey Park in Futian, Songgang Rose Garden in Bao'an, Qinghu Cultural Park in Longhua, and Kaiming Park in Guangming.

The rose celebration offers more than just a visual feast of fresh blooms — it's a vibrant center of cultural happenings. Events planned include a Qipao exhibition, a fair featuring traditional Chinese cultural artifacts, and a fashionable marketplace among other diversions that promise to encapsulate a blend of historic customs and modern lifestyle essences.

The included pictures capture scenes of the Chinese rose show at Kaiming Park in Guangming District.

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