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Beyond skyscrapers: tranquil parks and greenways in Guangming

Shenzhen Daily


Guangming District boasts the city's most extensive per capita green spaces.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there is a variety of hiking facilities to explore the breathtaking scenery. Two notable destinations are the Dadingling Greenway and the Hongqiao Park.

Stretching over 6.4 kilometers, Dadingling greenway harmoniously combines ecology, health, innovation, and conservation technologies. The Dadingling Demonstration Section is a standout feature, offering a 3.5-kilometer trail with stunning vistas and an elevation of 170 meters. Hikers can revel in panoramic viewing sites that overlook Guangming Lake and Guangming Science City.

Hongqiao Park stands as a tranquil ecological landmark with a 2,500-meter lakeside running track nestled among lychee forests and wetlands. Visitors can savor the crisp mountain air and the district's ecological surroundings. The elegant Red Bridge weaves through the landscape like a scarlet thread, adding a vibrant touch of color and sophistication.


Through the lens of Shenzhen Daily photographer Liu Xudong, we are granted a glimpse of the vibrant district and its diverse ecological tapestry.

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