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Exploring the link between diet and wellness

Shenzhen Daily



An English Salon event organized by the Foreign Affairs Bureau of Guangming District, with collaborative efforts from Times High Tech Park, was held at the Entrepreneur Activity Room at Weiguang Life Science Park on May 23.

Dr. Nihad Cheraga from Algeria hosted the event under the theme "Nourish and Flourish: A Journey into Health and Food." The focus was on healthy eating habits and exercise, exploring how our diet impacts our well-being, especially emphasizing organic vegetables.

The foreign affairs bureau and Times High Tech Park prepared a variety of organic vegetables and fresh fruits, sponsored by Shifang Organic Co., Ltd.

Dr. Cheraga, business development manager at Times High Tech Park that manages Weiguang Life Science Park, led discussions on the connection between health and food choices, starting with personal food preferences. A hands-on session on making healthy juices showed custom blends to highlight the importance of good nutrition for overall health.

One participant, a new mother, shared her thoughts: "Becoming a mother made me pay more attention to how organic food affects children's health. Choosing high-quality, uncontaminated fruits and vegetables definitely influences health outcomes."

The foreign affairs bureau regularly organizes English Salon events to build connections within the community, encouraging the sharing of ideas and resources. By promoting language skills among foreign language speakers, this initiative strengthens Guangming District as a modern international hub.

Attracting international talent is vital for Times High Tech Park, aligning with their goal of creating a robust global platform for exchange. Their ongoing collaboration promises more opportunities for cross-cultural interactions and language development in Guangming District.

Pictures provided by Anita Liu capture the event's spirit, documenting enriching discussions and activities.


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