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New life in historical village

Shenzhen Daily


主图!!下村村里的水景凉亭 B79I6428_副本.jpg

A pavilion sits over a pool in Shangcun Community in Guangming District. Photos by Sun Yuchen

镇村之宝  石狮依然站立下村街道两侧B79I6487_副本.jpg

One of the stone lions stands in the community.

Two stone lions, standing in Xiacun Village (Community), Guangming District, are relics shrined by local residents. These lions were given as a reward by Emperor Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to the villagers of the time who had contributed by crushing rebellions.


Stores run along the sides of this community street.

The ancient village, built in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) in 1255, was originally a village named Shuibei Village which was divided into Shangcun Village and Xiacun Village after the Land Reform in 1953.

Over a few generations, the village has changed drastically. Xiacun Village is now a well-equipped and livable community.


Stores run along the sides of this community street.

村入口的 下村小学B79I6568_副本.jpg

A primary school used by the community.


An economic store in the agricultural wholesale market.


A public toilet is decorated and transformed into a courtyard.

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