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SZ medical academy officially inaugurated

Shenzhen Daily



The Shenzhen Medical Academy of Research and Translation (SMART) was officially inaugurated at a ceremony at the Cloud Park International Conference Center in Guangming District on Nov. 21.

World-renowned structural biologist Yan Nieng became the founding president of the academy, a high-level academic research institute integrating comprehensive medical research, talent cultivation, and scientific achievement transformation.

In her speech, Yan emphasized SMART's important mission to explore new mechanisms encouraging original innovation, attracting and cultivating high-level talents, adhering to principles prioritizing health, focusing on the forefront, fostering collaboration and sharing, and taking the lead in piloting the development of the pharmaceutical industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA).

SMART will conduct in-depth research on major issues affecting human health, promote advances in medical science and technology, and better serve society and benefit the people, according to her.

In November 2022, Yan announced her departure from her job at Princeton University in the U.S. and joined SMART’s founding team as a full-time member.

"I'm lucky to chase my dream in this city. Within a year, we have completed preparations for SMART. I’m amazed at the 'Shenzhen Speed' and deeply feel the city's warmth," Yan said in her speech.

She also mentioned that academy members get nicknamed "Smarter," emphasizing their aspiration to invite talented individuals to join their cause.

Highlighting the challenges faced by the world, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the increasing prevalence of diseases like cancer and cardiovascular conditions among the younger population, aging demographics, and neurodegenerative disorders, she said SMART was established to address these urgent and unprecedented global health challenges.

She emphasized the need to bridge the gap between original scientific innovation and clinical medical research, and to provide experience in relevant reform initiatives.

"Our vision is to build Shenzhen into a hub for biomedicine, leading the development of the Greater Bay Area in the biomedicine field," she said.

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