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Construction commences on Guangming's first low-carbon building complex

Bao'an Daily



A ground-breaking ceremony of the China-Switzerland Low Carbon Technology Port. 

In a milestone event marking progress towards sustainable infrastructure, the inaugural low-carbon building technology industry complex took shape in Guangming District as the China-Switzerland Low Carbon Technology Port broke ground April 9.

Reports from 'highlighted the signing of pivotal contracts with six enthusiastic companies poised to anchor their operations within the port's innovative precincts. Pioneering as the premier low-carbon building technology hub in Guangming, the port capitalizes on the zero-carbon industry alliance's blueprint to forge cohesive bonds between the zero-carbon construction sector's upstream and downstream segments. This strategic alignment aims to nurture a robust industrial ecosystem catalyzing enterprise integration and concentration.

Outlined in the project's blueprint is a forward-looking strategy tailored to Guangming District's construction landscape. The Low Carbon Technology Port is set to craft bespoke production facilities, cutting-edge laboratories, engineering research hubs, and business incubators along with other industrial amenities. These tailored spaces will invigorate Guangming Science City's trajectory, envisioned to provide fresh impetus to the district's construction panorama.

Teamed up with the zero-carbon industry alliance, the port assumes a pivotal role in amalgamating premium resources within Guangming's construction sector, refining industrial ambiances, elevating enterprise progress, fueling technological innovation, and showcasing experiential milestones. Its prime focus centers on nurturing a pivotal industrial nucleus in architectural technology, with aspirations to ascend as a nationally recognized architectural technology hub.

Forecasts hint at a sprawling construction sprawl for the technology port, with a projected footprint exceeding 350,000 square meters. Delving into niche industrial domains of energy efficiency, environmental stewardship, and green construction, the port is slated for completion and operational commencement by June 2025.

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