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Ecotourism flourishes in Guangming District

Bao'an Daily



Guangming Farm Grand View Garden hosts a Rabbit Carnival during the Qingming Festival. 

Amidst the picturesque backdrop of mountains, rivers, forests, and fields, Guangming District is experiencing a surge in ecotourism. Scenic spots in Guangming welcomed a remarkable influx of visitors during the Qingming Festival period, marking a 102.24% increase compared to the previous year.

As disclosed by the Guangming District Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism, and Sports, the eight tourist destinations included in the statistics in Guangming collectively played host to 126,100 tourists during the festival — an impressive leap of 102.24% from the year prior.

At the heart of this tourist surge was the Guangming Urban Pastoral Tourism Area, drawing in 84,900 visitors. Notably, Hongqiao Park spearheaded an engaging hiking initiative that blended physical activity, scenic appreciation, and cultural exploration, captivating a total of 61,500 attendees.

A highlight of Hongqiao Park is its panoramic tower, offering visitors sweeping views of the park's focal points, including the tranquil Bihu Lake area and a bird's-eye perspective of the central axis of the bustling Guangming urban expanse.

During the festival, the Guangming Fun Farm tantalized visitors with a medley of spring-themed activities like camping, fruit picking, water-based merrymaking, and fishing, enticing 10,100 visitors to partake.

Meanwhile, the Guangming Farm Grand View Garden charmed guests with its festive Rabbit Carnival, blending farm-centric allure with delightful pet interactions, featuring grassland rabbit hunts and adorable baby bunny bonding activities that enchanted around 6,100 visitors.

The allure of the Blue Bridge Camping Life Festival beckoned 21,300 enthusiasts to the Minghu City Park, while Honghua Mountain Park enticed 10,300 tourists with its orchard-studded landscapes, captivating vistas from Minghe Tower, styled after a Song Dynasty edifice, offering a refreshing ambiance that resonated with visitors.

Elsewhere, the Redwood Ancient Town welcomed 9,600 sightseers, while cultural hubs like the Guangming District Cultural Center, the Guangming District Children's Library (including a 24-hour self-service library), and the Guangming District Library New Building (also with a 24-hour self-service library) attracted 3,034, 7,808, and 17,707 visitors, respectively.

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