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11 enterprises certified as national high-tech enterprises

Bao'an Daily



The Guangming Overseas Students Entrepreneurship Park.

A total of 11 enterprises at the Guangming Overseas Students Entrepreneurship Park were recognized as national high-tech enterprises in 2023, marking a noteworthy advancement in the tech industry landscape, Bao'an Daily reported.

Notably, nine of these enterprises received this prestigious certification for the first time, the Daily reported, citing a recent update from the Guangming Science City Industrial Development Group.

The designation of national high-tech enterprises follows specific criteria outlined in the Management Measures for the Recognition of High-Tech Enterprises. These companies are characterized by their commitment to continuous research, development, and technology innovation in designated national high-tech fields. Moreover, they are required to cultivate independent intellectual property rights and operate as registered entities in China for a minimum period of one year (excluding the regions of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan).

The entrepreneurship park's management, Guangming Science and Technology Development Group, is known for its unwavering dedication to providing top-tier services and fostering quality-driven growth.

Through initiatives such as facilitating professional exchanges and enlisting the expertise of esteemed lecturers from municipal high-tech industry associations, the group provides support for the enterprises in streamlining the process of applying for national high-tech enterprise status.

By offering guidance and assistance, the park management aids companies in navigating challenges, minimizing costs associated with trial and error, and ultimately enhancing their chances of certification success.

Established in November 2013, the Guangming Overseas Students Entrepreneurship Park is situated within the Technology Park of Fenghuang Subdistrict, spanning approximately 20,000 square meters. Boasting a robust industrial ecosystem and comprehensive amenities, the park has carved a niche for itself by focusing on burgeoning sectors like new materials, biomedicine, and intelligent manufacturing. Over the years, it has attracted 125 premier overseas returnee companies, nurturing 29 national high-tech enterprises, 10 specialized and sophisticated enterprises, and three publicly listed firms. 

Furthermore, it has drawn in 71 high-caliber talented professionals from both domestic and international pools. The park's resident companies have seen remarkable growth, delivering substantial societal advantages and generating a cumulative revenue of 1.243 billion yuan, with tax contributions amounting to 148 million yuan.

Ventures entering the park typically undergo a three-year incubation period. During their initial year, they benefit from complimentary office space and research facilities, with a 30% rental fee applied during the subsequent growth phases.

Each incoming enterprise stands to receive a maximum project start-up grant of up to 500,000 yuan disbursed over three years in accordance with regulations.

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