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Robotic assistance revolutionizes knee replacement surgery

Bao'an Daily


In a groundbreaking development, the Seventh Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University has successfully performed its first robotic-assisted total knee replacement surgery, as reported by Bao'an Daily.

This milestone marks the integration of orthopedic surgical robots into the Bone Medical Center at the Guangming-based hospital, ushering in a new era of intelligent AI in orthopedic medicine. By merging the precision of AI technology with conventional surgical practices, the hospital is reinvigorating traditional surgery with renewed vigor.

The patient is known as Granny Chen, a 60-year-old woman who has battled chronic knee joint pain stemming from knee osteoarthritis. Following a meticulous evaluation by the hospital's expert team, robotic-assisted technology was chosen as the optimal solution to alleviate her suffering through knee joint replacement surgery.

Prior to the procedure, a comprehensive preoperative plan for Granny Chen was mapped out using CT three-dimensional reconstruction by the hospital's orthopedic team. Throughout the surgery, seamless collaboration between the medical team and the robotic system ensured precise surgical interventions, significantly mitigating risks while upholding surgical accuracy and efficacy.

Post-surgery, Granny Chen experienced a successful recovery marked by improved mobility and the absence of knee joint pain.

The medical team elaborated on the benefits of robotic systems, emphasizing their ability to meticulously plan surgeries using cutting-edge imaging technologies. These systems offer real-time guidance to surgeons, ensuring procedural precision and safety. Furthermore, they enable customized surgical approaches tailored to individuals, enhancing treatment outcomes.

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