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Special events held for the elderly to try out meals

Bao'an Daily



Senior citizens try out meals at a senior canteen in Fenghuang Subdistrict.  

Recently, Fenghuang Subdistrict in Guangming organized three special events for the elderly to try out meals, with 126 seniors joining in. 

Volunteers and workers also helped deliver meals to 21 elderly citizens who couldn't get to the location. This trial allowed the seniors to taste the food from the senior canteen for themselves, promoting a sense of community care for the elderly.

The senior canteen in Fenghuang Subdistrict was busy with staff helping the elderly with services and menu questions. The participants not only enjoyed the tasty food but also shared their thoughts. Many found the meals not only delicious but also good for their health, meeting their preferences. This event made the elderly feel cared for and boosted the reputation of the senior canteen, bringing the community closer together.

Officials of Fenghuang Subdistrict plan to enhance the senior canteen further to make it more comfortable for the elderly, aiming to create a happy and welcoming environment for them.

Shenzhen, a city leading in elderly care reform, started a plan in 2019 to improve meal assistance services for its elderly residents. By collaborating with various partners, including catering businesses, the city aims to offer meal subsidies and services, benefiting a large number of seniors. 

Shenzhen plans to expand its meal assistance services, ensuring all elderly residents can enjoy convenient meals either at senior canteens or at home through various meal options. A smart elderly care service platform will also help in providing door-to-door meal services efficiently.

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