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SUAT unveils vision for innovative education ecosystem

Bao'an Daily



Students and parents visit labs at the Shenzhen University of Advanced Technology.

Shenzhen University of Advanced Technology (SUAT) opened its doors to students and parents during an open day event at its main campus June 15, Bao'an Daily reported.

Zhao Wei, deputy director of the university's preparatory office, took center stage to unveil the university's pioneering enrollment plan. SUAT's inaugural batch is set to welcome 120 undergraduate students from Guangdong Province with a focus on computer science and technology. Following a year of foundational studies, students will have the unique flexibility to tailor their academic paths, exploring disciplines ranging from materials science to neuroscience and beyond.

Addressing the question of admission scores, Qian Zhenfei, deputy director of SUAT's admissions office, reassured attendees about the university's approach. With no historical benchmarks to guide them, the university encourages top-performing students in the physical sciences to consider applying.

Emphasizing a commitment to student success beyond graduation, Qian highlighted the university's employment guarantee initiative. The university, in collaboration with esteemed industry partners, pledged unwavering support to propel students into promising career pathways within high-tech sectors, ensuring a seamless transition from academia to industry. Fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation, the university aims to nurture well-rounded individuals equipped with essential skills for the modern workforce.

Liang Qingning, assistant dean of the Dawn College, emphasized the significance of a supportive community in shaping future leaders. The melding of traditional Chinese apprenticeship values with contemporary educational practices forms the bedrock of SUAT's educational philosophy, setting it apart as a beacon of academic innovation.

As a brainchild of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, the university stands poised to redefine educational paradigms through its fusion of industry and academia, science and education. By embracing a forward-looking approach to talent cultivation, the university aims to usher in a new era of educational excellence.

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