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Graduates embrace sustainable ethos in departure from campus

Bao'an Daily


“绿色毕业 ‘碳’索未来”活动现场.jpg

Graduates pose for a picture at a green market of the Sun Yat-sen University Shenzhen Campus.

Graduates of the Sun Yat-sen University Shenzhen Campus embraced sustainable ethos in their departure from campus, Bao'an Daily reported.

Themed "Green Graduation: Carbon Footprint Towards the Future," the event, held at the university from June 15 to 17 in Guangming District, was overseen by the Shenzhen Municipal Solid Waste Classification Management Affairs Center and the university's Management Committee.

It was also a collaborative effort with the Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Guangming District and the School of Advanced Energy of the university.

Students partook in initiatives aligned with the second National Urban Household Waste Classification Promotion Week. Activities were tailored to engage participants in waste sorting initiatives, including a lively "flash mob" promoting waste classification. Leveraging social media with the hashtag "National Urban Household Waste Classification Promotion Week," students garnered support through videos advocating waste management, accruing likes for rewards.

On June 15, the stadium at the university campus became the focal point for the flag presentation ceremony heralding the second Green Graduation Season and honoring the green volunteer team of Guangming District.

The graduates participated in the recycling of waste items such as used batteries, second-hand electric bikes, and large items, bidding farewell to the campus by leaving behind green footprints. A green market also opened, advocating for waste sorting and promoting a low-carbon lifestyle.

The three-day event showcased diverse functional zones, boasting interactive spaces such as photo zones and waste sorting games.

Throughout the festivities, a focus on waste collection and recycling was evident with booths catering to the disposal of harmful waste, textiles, books, furniture, and old electric vehicles. The collective effort led to the responsible handling of 32.5 kg of hazardous waste, 398.8 kg of textiles, 2,513 books, 138 furniture items, and 31 electric bikes, driving over 10,000 participants to engage in 709 barter transactions.

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