Soccer facilities in Guangming District

In Guangming District, the soccer facilities are growing rapidly. The Shenzhen Youth Soccer Training Base is a standout, with professional competition-grade natural grass fields.

Rowing sports in Guangming

Rowing sports are globally renowned as a stylish and admired water leisure activity. Rowing sports in Guangming thrive due to the ideal water conditions of the Maoyzhou River.

Rock climbing facilities in Guangming

Rock climbing, a thrilling sport, is not just vital for youth fitness but also a popular pastime. Dubbed the "ballet on the cliff," rock climbing is now a youth trend eas...

Hiking facilities in Guangming District

Guangming District offers a range of diverse hiking facilities for outdoor enthusiasts to explore picturesque landscapes.

Equestrian activities in Guangming District

Equestrian sports are gaining popularity in competitions and fitness trends nationwide. Once considered a traditional "noble sport," equestrianism is now a chic activity,...

Cycling destinations in Guangming District

Guangming District hosts a collection of diverse cycling destinations that showcase the area's natural beauty and architectural innovation.

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