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Science City Wisdom Park opens in Guangming

Shenzhen Guangming WeChat account


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Guangming Science City Wisdom Park. 

After four years of construction, three sections of the Guangming Science City Wisdom Park have been opened to the public this year, providing local residents with a new place for leisure and entertainment, the Shenzhen Guangming WeChat account reported.

The park covers an area of 253,000 square meters and is located in the core area of the Cloud Valley area in the north of Xinhu Subdistrict. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, the park is adjacent to Sun Yat-sen University in the north, the University of Science and Technology in the east, the Guangming Town Agricultural Tourism Park in the south, and the Science Park in the west.

Designers integrated "technological innovation + industry-university-city integration + talent pooling + ecological sponge" into the park design. Using a water scenery theme, two existing lakes on the south and east sides have been transformed to create three core landscape areas and two walking corridors.

The design combines corporate office buildings, commercial and residential facilities to create a multilevel landscape space. The venue provides multiple spatial systems such as squares for gatherings, tourist services, waterfront scenery, and children's playgrounds.

Stepping into the park, visitors will see verdant lawns and beautiful lakes, with some egrets perching on the shore. 

A citizen surnamed Wu said, "I live in the nearby community. After the opening of the park, I come here almost every day for a walk. The park has fresh air and beautiful scenery, which greatly improves the living quality of nearby residents. Now, Guangming District is being built into a district of parks. I believe it will attract more and more talents to settle down here."

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