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Guangming Culture and Art Center

Shenzhen Daily



The Guangming Culture and Art Center, a new cultural landmark for Guangming District, opened to the public Sept. 19. 2020.

The Guangming center is surrounded by greenways on three sides. On its north side is Guangming Xincheng Park and on its south side is a tributary of Maozhou River. In addition to the 450-seat concert hall and the art museum, the center also has a 1,500-seat theater, a library and an exhibition hall.

Add: Guangming Culture and Art Center, intersection of Guanguang Road and Chuangtou Road, Guangming District (光明区观光路和创投路交汇处光明文化艺术中心)

Metro: Line 6 to Fenghuang Town Station (凤凰城站), Exit B

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