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Guangming Mahogany Furniture Town (Redwood Town)

Shenzhen Daily



Located at the junction of Beihuan and Minsheng boulevards, a core area of Gongming Subdistrict, Guangming Mahogany Furniture Town is the first national 3A-rated tourist attraction in Guangming District since its establishment. 

With the concept of "focus and refinement," the town features traditional mahogany furniture and integrates cultural displays, folk customs, food, characteristic markets and creative incubation, providing visitors a comprehensive and multilevel cultural experience.

The town is divided into six characteristic blocks, inspired by the Silk Road, Tea Horse Ancient Road and Gongming Old Market. Each block has a unique style, resembling a bustling ancient street hundreds of years ago.

The restoration design of about 20 representative miniature landscapes of traditional Chinese architecture in the town, including the Great Wall, beacon towers, shuttle ships and ancient mansions, perfectly fuses traditional and modern cultures, opening up a new pattern of cultural inheritance. 

The town was formerly known as the Hongmanting Mahogany Furniture Museum.

On May 30, 2011, Hongmanting Company first settled in the Gongming Economic Development Sixth Industrial Zone, gradually attracting specialty shops related to the mahogany furniture industry to gather in the area.

In May 2014, the Gongming (Hongmanting) Mahogany Furniture Commercial Town was officially established, along with the establishment of the Hongmanting Mahogany Furniture Museum. In response to the call of the Shenzhen Municipal Government for the transformation and upgrading of old industrial zones, Guangming District officially built a characteristic cultural town themed on mahogany furniture culture, integrating culture, tourism, leisure and shopping in October 2014.

In February 2018, the area was officially renamed as Guangming Mahogany Furniture Town. The town has taken the lead in implementing a merchant credit publicity and consumption review platform. It is one of the six key characteristic blocks in Guangming and the only selected night economy center in the district.

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