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Guangming Sightseeing Cow Farm

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The Guangming Sightseeing Cow Farm is a key project located in the Guangming Agricultural Hi-tech Industrial Park and the first farm of its kind at home combining production activities with tourism sightseeing. The farm implements a management mode that is highly automated, electronic and intelligent.

As a major site along the city’s hi-tech industrial belt, the Guangming Agricultural Hi-tech Industrial Park offers beautiful natural scenery and a solid industrial foundation to the sightseeing farm. It fully demonstrates the achievements that Shenzhen Guangming Group and Shenzhen Chenguang Dairy Co., Ltd. have made over past decades at home and abroad.

Cows originating from American and European countries are raised in an immaculate environment at the farm including natural pasture feeds. Also, freshness and sanitation are guaranteed at each section of the production process, including milking, transport, refrigeration and processing.

At the farm, a handful of events and facilities are available to tours for broadening children's horizons and activating their interest in popular science, such as demonstrations of milking by hand and machines, an illustrative gallery on biological and health knowledge, a sketching area, and a racing track for cattle.

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